From the beginning…

2011 Was the year my second daughter was born, I was a full time stay at home mom looking for something to occupy my mind in times of insanity, the new craft everyone was learning was crochet, so I followed suit, and did every crochet course available to me. By the winter of the next year I was flooded with orders of mittens and beanies and so ZelLé Crochet Creations was born. I made as many things as I could and learned as much as possible about this new craft that suddenly consumed my whole life. I soon realised there are many ladies like myself who either wants to learn to crochet or learn more than what they learned from mom or grandma. The classes and workshops started early 2016, with great success. I started toying with the idea of having a one stop shop for beginner crocheters after seeing that they needed somewhere to go to get honest advice, good quality yarn and all the bits and pieces every successful crocheter needs, so on 1 December 2016 Yarn@ZelLé opened its doors.

I am a self confessed yarn snob and therefore Yarn@ZelLé only stock natural fibres and also I teach the students in my classes to buy responsibly when it comes to choosing and buying yarn, if you are going to spend all those hours making something it might as well be with a good quality yarn that will last a lifetime and an item that can become a heirloom.

Yarn@ZelLé is a MoYa Yarn stockist, we also stock beautiful handcrafted wooden hooks. We operate on a cashless basis and therefore accept all major credit cards.

Yarn@ZelLé have a knit and crochet group that gather on Wednesdays throughout school terms and Saturday social every other month, to stay on top of these get together’s and dates of up and coming clasesses please follow us on Facebook.

Yarn@ZelLé is a warm and cosy little home store with heaps of character, lots of help and advice, good coffee and great laughs.

A must visit for every yarn lover.


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We stock MoYa Yarn therefore you are assured of a excellent product which you can mix and match.

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We have a super fast ordering system and delivery of purchase can be arranged in Centurion or post service of your choice to anywhere in South Africa

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Working with small owner run companies, your are assured of the highest quality.